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January 31, 2023


You probably have heard of self-care, that practice of taking care of your mind and body, getting your life together, and being happier and happier as time passes. And you have probably thought Who has time to do all these things? The answer is simple, everyone can make the time.

When we have a lot of free time its simple to make time to go to the gym, cook a healthy meal and even drink a lot of water. But, what happens during a busy week, during a trip, or during the holidays? Even when life gets in the way, you should still prioritize yourself and do at least one or two things that will improve your life, mood, and well-being.

Maybe your life has gotten a little overwhelming and squeezing self-care into the calendar seems like one more thing you have to think about and put energy into, so it basically seems impossible, but its not. Making time for yourself will allow you to reset your focus and charge the batteries to continue dealing with whatever is on your plate right now.

And what does self-care look like during a time full of chaos? It looks the way you need it to be. You probably dont have time and energy to spend one to two hours at the gym, create that amazing healthy meal that you had been thinking about or get those precious 8 hours of sleep, and thats ok. You can go on a walk instead, or spend only 30 minutes at the gym, and maybe focus on a more simple but nutritious meal.

Here are a couple of actions you can take if you think you dont have time or energy for self-care right now:

    • Go on a walk: Movement is important, and maybe driving to the gym seems impossible right now, but make time to go on a 30 minute walk and youll feel better.
    • Do a stretching session: It will take a few minutes and your muscles will feel so much better, as well as your mental state.
    • Get a massage: Maybe by the end of a long day, you need to relieve tension and relax.
    • Meal prep: You dont have to make time to cook every day, having food ready for the week will save you so much time.
    • Read a book: Get away from the screens and make time to calm down and rest your eyes.
    • Drink enough water: Focusing on drinking water will help you stay consistent and prevent you from losing focus.

The truth is, self-care should always be a priority because it is whats going to make your life run smoothly and its going to help you stay productive without getting overwhelmed.

When talking about self-care and self-improvement, consistency is key, and when consistency gets difficult is exactly when we need to put more effort into it. Dont wait until motivation kicks in to start taking care of yourself, dont wait until the end of the holidays or until that work project is finished because thats when you need those workouts and healthy meals the most.

I'm a firm believer that when you do that, when you prioritize yourself and when you put yourself first, you're actually setting yourself up to be able to better take care of the people in your life or your responsibilities and you're more galvanized to action later on. Remember, you don't have to be motivated to do anything as far as taking care of yourself. It's when you do it anyway, that's what will make it easier down the road.

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